Yogi Testing Working with men has taught me well what makes them

Yogi Testing Working with men has taught me well what makes them

Working with men has taught me well what makes them feel at home. And Lexington offers the elements to create perfect men’s spaces.

As most people, I’ve been surrounded by men in the workplace my entire career. Spending eight (sometimes up to 12) hours a day in Las Vegas’ greatest resorts, nightclubs and lounges gave me tremendous insight to a male behavior.

When I started my design business in 2012, I thought I was changing spheres; maybe my feminine aesthetic would come out. But male influence remained strong and at the core of my design aesthetic. Coincidentally, men dominate my client list, which dictates how I curate spaces.

First off, it’s important to look at where men place value. My clients consistently request superior quality, high-end finishes, classic color
palettes, relatable scale, custom touches, functionality and a bit of technology. That sounds like a lot to ask for, and sometimes it can be. But when you know your product and audience well, the creative process can be a cakewalk.

My tried-and-true formula for designing for men follows five simple principles:

1. Compose a space rich with mature color schemes. 

Think sophisticated navy, aubergine, and graphite. Lexington’s Carrera Collection is a top pick; even the name evokes masculinity.

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